Advancing human health and environmental sustainability by combining the knowledge of life science and engineering principles

Biological systems and molecules are highly effective, efficient and adaptive. The Nagaoka University of Technology Department of Bioengineering is home to 21 primary faculties who create a fusion of life science and engineering to tackle a wide range of human health and environmental problems. Understanding complex biological systems is also the heart of research effort. The main research areas include creation of novel materials and devices using biological molecules, employment of microorganisms and their enzymes to solve environmental and energy problems, and development of diagnostic and therapeutic tools for human disease.

News & Events

The Fifth International GIGAKU Conference Held.

Nagaoka Summer School for Young Engineers (NASSYE) was established.


The post graduate student Yudai Higuchi wins best poster award at Niigata Biochemical Forum.

The assistant professor Naofumi Kamimura wins best poster award at LignoBiotech International Symposium.

The JSPS invitation fellow professor Sailas Benjamin gives a seminor.


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