Environmental Biochemistry

Shoji Takahashi

Shoji Takahashi

Enzymes and microorganisms efficiently and specifically catalyze various chemical reactions below 100°C under atmospheric pressure. They are therefore useful to develop safe, energy-saving and eco-friendly processes and devices. Our laboratory is interested in microbial degradation of environmental pollutants, biological production of chemicals and biofuels, and physiological roles and applications of D-amino acid-metabolizing enzymes. The ongoing research activity includes the identification of novel and valuable enzymes and microorganisms from the environment and genomic information, the genetic and protein engineerings to improve their properties, and the creation of bioprocess and analytical methods using these enzymes and microorganisms.

  1. Microbial degradation of persistent flame retardants
  2. Physiological roles and applications of D-amino acid-metabolizing enzymes
  3. Microbial methanol production from biogas
  4. Genetic engineering of yeasts for biofuel production
  5. dichlorodiphenyldichloroethylene (DDE)