Plant Technology

Yoshinori Takahara

Yoshinori Takahara
Associate Professor

Laboratory of Plant Technology studies plant biotechnologies that improve the environment and benefit human life. We deal with a wide range of research topics from basic plant-engineering techniques at molecular and cellular levels to the use of plant species for energy-saving construction materials. Ongoing projects include the development of basic plant-engineering techniques in somatic embryogenesis, the elucidation of ecological impacts on the evolution of local plant species, the production of plant-based construction materials using mosses, and generation of unique-colored orchids. We use cellular and genetic engineering techniques for the generation of plant species along with sampling of local plant species and traditional phenotype analyses.

  1. Gene profiling during somatic embryogenesis of carrot stems
  2. Evolution/ecology genetics of the local daisy species Ixeridium dentatum
  3. Green construction boards with cultured protonema of mosses
  4. Development of blue-flowered phalaenopsis orchid